MCC Season 9 with many things coming

343i, i know it can be possible for another season in mcc, new maps, new cosmetics, new challenges, new type of modes, etc… bringing mods to the mcc can be a welcome one with this new season, and above all that people who still play mcc have like 200 season points to spend anyways.

New topics for season 9:

-Mods for Halo: CE & Halo 2
-New Maps (Halo Online)
-New Weapons Skins for Halo Reach and H2 Anniversary
-New Cosmetics for H2 Anniversary, Halo Reach & Halo 4
-New Style and Design for nameplates that people competed LASO
-New Challenges (like every season) to grind that XP
-New Skulls (if possible)
-New skins for H3: ODST where you can play as a civilian or a marine or a nmpd police
-Weapons Skins from Halo 3 also are in Halo 3: ODST

With that said i hope to see another season for the mcc in the future and soon.


Yeah… before adding a ton of new stuff that the comunity might add by themselves, perhaps the focus should also be on fixing some of the bugs that have been reported for the past months or years, in some cases.

  • Mod tools are already available for Halo CE, 2, 3 and ODST.
  • I wouldn’t be opposed to new maps. Although I’d still love if they could somehow adapt some maps for other games to keep the experience more unified. Such as Forge World in Halo 3, or Coagulation in Halo 4.
  • H2A has new armor pieces coming in the next update. Reach doesn’t, but there’s a few items from campaign it could borrow.
  • At the very least, they should be porting existing skulls to the games that don’t have them. Such as Bandanna in H4, Acrophobia in Reach…
  • H3 skins probably always should’ve been in ODST.

Here’s my ideas:

  • Black undersuits for H4 Spartans;
  • H5 undersuits for H4 Spartans (optional replacer);
  • Popular H5 armors backported to H4 and H2A;
  • H4 and H2A sharing weapons and vehicles interchangeably, since they’re the same engine;
  • Per-piece customization for Reach Elites;
  • Armor Light Colors option, namely for Reach Elites, H3 Spartans and Elites;
  • Noble Team exclusive items for Reach Spartans (such as Jun and Jorge’s backpacks and visors);
  • Rebalanced variants of the Thorage vehicles (Falcons, Sabres, Broadswords, etc. were never designed for MP, and are overpowered against pretty much everything).

These don’t need to be rebalanced, they’re SUPPOSED to be overpowered. The only thing I’d say needs fixing is not dying when you exit a Sabre.

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I just really wish they would announce when the next update is supposed to come out. We’re getting into the middle of August and I had thought we were supposed to be getting an update by the end of the summer.


Summer will last until 9/22 so they still have over a month left in the window. In general we could use more communication from 343. It’s been almost a whole year of season 8 and only a tiny tease for what’s to come a month ago.

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That doesn’t mean it’s fun. And it really isn’t fun trying to destroy a gunship that can tank up to 8 Scorpion rounds while it can kill you in just 1 or 2 shots.

To be fair, if you’re trying to fight Aircraft with a Tank, you’re doing it wrong. Should be using a Splaser.

EDIT: Just to clarify, these aren’t meant to be balanced for multiplayer, nor should they be as they are very rarely used.

Probably because 343 knows the hurricane of hate they’re gonna get the second the MTX go live.

You need at least 5 Splasers to destroy a Pelican. And H4’s Splaser stores 4 charges total. And good luck even trying to destroy a fighter. They’re tougher and can outrun pretty much anything. Even a Splaser can’t reliably hit it because of its armor and the weapon’s limited range.

I think you misunderstood me as well. I said to add balanced variants, not balance the existing assets. And for the record: I play Customs Browser very often, which features those vehicles often for the worse.

Yes please! I would love my GEN2 Centurion armor in H4 and Jun’s backpack on my Reach Spartan. And weapon skins in Reach too.

And on the topic of H4 and H2A sharing weapons and vehicles interchangeably, it would be nice to be able to use H2A weapons in the H4 campaign whether as a togglable option or as new secrets. For the latter, look at how Serious Sam Classics: Revolution approached the addition of the XLP-4 “Ghostbuster” Beam Gun, CDF-ST-005 Plasmathrower, and MKII-B Minelayer into the main TFE and TSE campaigns: Alley of the Sphinxes in TFE was modified to have a secret destroyable alcove which houses the Ghostbuster (you will have to go out of the map though to get there); The Citadel in TSE has the Plasmathrower in the yard where you fight Cucurbitos, Kleers, Werebulls, and Marsh Hoppers; and lastly, the level after that has the Minelayer on top of a destroyable ledge above the entrance to the lava caves.

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