MCC Reach PC framerate issues

I’m having a problem that occurs about 90% of the time when starting up the game, where my framerate across all game modes is choppy and erratic, beginning in the main menu. The game runs fine until I press start/enter in the main menu, at which point the background menu visibly drops in performance, and this continues in campaign, multiplayer, etc. About 90% of the time, the game will be suffering from low or erratic framerate issues in the main menu, multiplayer, firefight, and campaign. The game appears to run fine before I press “start” on the main menu, and the framerate drops as soon as I do so. Sometimes restarting my computer and exiting Steam helps, sometimes not.

After pressing start, the performance in the main menu, UI, etc. drops, and it continues throughout the rest of the game types, rendering it unplayable. Oddly enough, the only times that it works is when my rank in the top right is immediately visible; most times, the XP bar is blank, and there is no rank insignia or little blue game session button next to my gamertag. I have tried logging in and out, and nothing has changed.

For context, I don’t have any Razr Cortex programs, I’ve disabled my digital drawing tablet, Xbox game bar, and other overlay programs. I’m running the game in Steam, with a PS4 controller (have also done with M+KB, same frequency of issues). I also have the latest NVIDIA drivers, and I made sure to select the “high-powered NVIDIA processor” in the control panel. I’m using a Lenovo Legion Y7000, 16 GB of ram, Intel i7-8750h 220ghz, and I’m on Windows 10.

If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate them, the game is mostly unplayable at this point. Thanks!

I’ve been having similar issues, I’ve tried reinstalling the game multiple times on different hard drives and SSD’s, I’m using a GTX 1070 TI, 16GB ram, i5-8600k, win10, I’ve tried all 3 video settings with no change, I’ll start playing with between 15-27 frames and the longer I play the worse the game stutters and the frames drop

I have the exact same issue, Forge Maps seem to make it the worst. I can’t play Forge Maps, I just sit in a corner and shoot conservatively. Rebooting the computer between every 3 games or so helps. On maps with no elevators or forge material I get close to no frame drops at all, unless the game has been running a while.

If I stand in a corner during the frame drops (might get down to 10-15 fps) and move my mouse in little circles, the game will eventually “catch up” and it’ll look like someone fast-forwarded my Halo Reach game footage and it’ll be back to 60 fps limit for about another 5 minutes until the next drop. I’ve seen this behavior in emulators, is Halo Reach on MCC emulated? I really hope not.

Anyway this has been happening since release, any attention on this from the team would be greatly appreciated since you have people out here w/ top of the line video cards and processors completely unable to enjoy Reach multiplayer.