MCC Reach Multiplayer Has Issues!

I’ve been playing Reach MCC on Steam for a while now (about 60 hours) and I have noticed some points that absolutely need fixing. Some points are big, some are small.

  • Bring back the VETO system!!! This is absolutely the biggest issue of the game in my opinion. The fact that you can’t vote for a different map makes no sense to me. In all my hours of playing and everyone I’ve met online so far, I have yet to encounter a single player who agrees with 343i that the VETO should stay out of the game. I know they’ve said that they probably won’t bring it back, but why? Because the same maps would just be played over and over? So? Seriously, if that’s the case, it means that most people in the lobby want to play on that map. Why would you deny the bigger part of your players the option to do this? To satisfy the very very few who don’t like it? 343i, if you’re reading this, please reconsider! We will never give up on this point because there’s a lot of maps I truly dislike (lime the CE maps) that load way too often. You don’t like people quitting matches? Well, resolving this issue will help fix that. It’s a win-win, so come on!

  • SWAT/Snipers do not belong in Social Games. They are highly Competitive and so they should be in the Competitive Playlist.

  • Competitive needs updating. The Competitive mode needs a skill system that’s more like Halo 3, in which you only level up by winning and doing well. The fact that you get XP for every match isn’t a good idea. There’s definitely a skill gap in this game and it isn’t fun for less skilled people to be matched against very good people.

  • TU Fiesta needs needs its own playlist and Action Sack needs more different tyoes of gametypes. I feel like most people play Action Sack for TU Fiesta, and seeming as it’s the game you play the most in Action Sack, I think it should just get a seperate playlist.

  • For the love of GOD, remove Dino Blasters from Action Sack. It is THE worst gametype I have EVER played. Everyone just keeps spamming unlimited jet pack. It’s literally no fun. If a game of Dino Blasters gets loaded in Action Sack, I leave no matter what.

  • More Forge World maps! There aren’t nearly enough games on Forge World maps, even though they are usually the most fun to play on, especially for Slayer gametypes. The map I miss the most is ‘The Cage’. I think I’ve played on this map like once or twice in all 60+ hours I’ve played online. Back in the day, this was an absolute fan favorite and I am willing to bet that a LOT of people are missi g this map!

  • Bring back the old ranks! I don’t like this whole ‘Tour’ idea. I really loved all the cool rank names from back in the day. These Tours just make me feel like I’m basically restarting my rank.

  • Bring back Commendations! This is one of the things I loved grinding for back in the day. I had a LOT of Commendations. Had them all for Campaign, Firefight and almost all for Multiplayer. The fact that you could get Credits for this made it even more fun.

There’s some other points but they are already being fixed from what I know so I’ll just wait and see, but if all these problems get resolved, me and a LOT of fans will be very happy campers!