MCC Playlists and Problems

The playlists are absolutely horrible. Why doesn’t H2A have a full set of playlists? You have all of these ridiculous mode specific achievements yet you never get to play CTF, or King of the Hill because everyone votes Slayer and mostly Slayer BRs because no one knows how to use anything but a BR.

So on the few times I actually get the objective mode and it launches everyone that voted Slayer quits and I’m stuck in a lopsided match anyway. This is really stupid. There is no reason why there shouldn’t be an Objective playlist. Those are the best modes Halo ever offered. Any mindless idiot can play Slayer.

The other problem we continually have is getting booted from Campaign. Friend and I have been trying to do the MCC Cross Game Playlist and are stuck on Delta Halo because during the load screen I get kicked and we both end up back at the menu. From what I can tell it has to do with me loading the map faster or something but IDC this is ridiculous and I am so sick of the constant problems and issues 6 months after the release of this game. I am so sick to see what Halo has become and how incompetent the developer and Microsoft are now when it comes to the franchise that put Xbox on the map.

The MCC could have truly been something great. Hell we were talking yesterday that had this been as good as advertised that they should have just used the MCC As a platform to launch the remaining Halo games. Instead of separate releases just add Halo 5, 6 etc into the MCC. Forever having all of our Halo games in one collection. Not that, that was ever a possibility anyway but it was a nice idea.

343 I really hope you get your crap together and fix this. But I doubt it. Halo 5 is your goal now. MCC is only a few updates away from being left behind.