MCC Playlist Update - 5/15/2019

Good Morning Friends,

Happy MCC Playlist update day, also known as Wednesday for most people outside of the Studio. Each Wednesday we work to get changes into Matchmaking that are comprised of internal discussions around feedback from across the community. Each week the goal is to support and improve playlists across all games for matchmaking. So, let’s dive into this weeks changes which are focused on Social matchmaking for HCE 8v8.

This week’s playlist update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection are focused on HCE by bringing Mayhem, a community inspired collection of chaotic 8v8 modes, into social matchmaking! One additional change is the temporary removal of two maps from Halo 4’s 8v8 options based on player feedback. Details for each of these are below additions are below.

Social Matchmaking

  • Enabled Action Sack category for Halo CE in the 8v8 game size in social matchmaking for Mayhem game types. - Added Mayhem Slayer with 250 kills to win to Battle Creek, Rat Race, Hang 'Em High, Derelict, and Longest. - Added One Flag Siege with two-minute offense and five captures to win on Battle Creek. - Added Two Flag CTF to Hang 'Em High. - Added static KotH to Battle Creek. - Added moving hill KotH to Damnation, Rat Race, and Derelict. - Removed Forge variants Panic Station and Excavation from H4 Slayer and CTF categories in the 8v8 game size.Thank you for playing and we hope you enjoy these new game types! As always, we will see you online!

Dodging Ban Update
Back in April we mentioned that we were investigating updating Ban rules for various scenarios. Yesterday we brought online bans for dodging for any player who quits after the match has been locked in. This means even prior to the loading screen during the matching players scenario. Players who dodge will receive quit bans appropriately now.

There are two caveats to this update, however. First – if the match you dodge out of hasn’t finished – there are scenarios where you can still search and find a new match and complete it before receiving a ban. This is due to the ban system waiting for the match to end in order to check for missing players and ban accordingly.

The second is that the rule which allows a player to quit without a penalty after half your team has quit is based off of the number of users who are present when the game starts rather than when the match is formed. This means that, if a user quits from the loading screen, the next two players who quit from that player’s team will receive bans. The team is investigating ways to resolve this and will update in the future if a fix can be implemented.

Feedback Locations
As always, if you have any specific feedback, please use the appropriate feedback thread listed below: