MCC PC's Weird Sensitivity Rounding Problem

As many have noticed, despite being able to input a long string of decimals into the settings menu the value always rounds up to a single decimal place. As someone who wants to finer tune their sens and/or plays other shooters and thus needs to convert for consistency (MCC is 0.99 times Source engine / Quake sensitivity btw) a single decimal simply wont do.

Out of curiosity I checked the GameUserSettings ini file and my sens value I input (5.224) is stored as “MouseSensitivity[5]=5.200000”. So it rounds in there too, but what’s with all those extra zeroes if I can only do one decimal? Now that could be put off merely as formatting if it wasn’t for the fact, that despite displaying rounded in the menu, the two other input multipliers, Zoom Sensitivity and Vehicle sensitivity, will save up to 6 decimals in the config as the zeros would suggest. For example when I put my zoom sensitivity multiplier of “1.15” into the menu, it displays as “1.2” after typing in the menu but in the config it shows as “ZoomLookSensitivityMultiplier[5]=1.150000”. As a test I spammed a bunch of ones onto the ends of all three values in menu the check and in the config. While the main sens was still rounded to “5.200000” the the zoom saved as “1.151111” and the vehicle saved as “1.111111”, showing that the game is capable of storing up to those 6 decimal places, but no more.

If it wasn’t for these weird behaviors of the config I would assume that more than 1 decimal sensitivities was merely a missing feature that needs to be added, but with these config behaviors I think it’s already possible, but bugged somehow.