MCC PC in game "starting game" Black screens

The issue I have been having is while in matchmaking games every game or so i will get a random black screen, in the bottom left corner it says (starting game) i load back in everything is fine. This happens some times every game, twice per game, or i may go 3 or 4 games without it occurring. I know its only happening to me because i confirm with friends im playing with that they arent “black screened”. quite frustrating as it almost always results in a death. I thought at first it was connection issues, but it happens both wired, wifi, and multiple internet services all in which are high speed. Ive tried deleting the MCC folder, deleting the game and re installing. (i use the Microsoft version of the game not steam). I have also tried things like enabling DMZ, enabling UPNP. I have never had any issues like this on xbox. Any suggestions are highly welcome.

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