MCC PC and Xbox K/D Stats issues


K/D Stats in game are broken.
Same as the reach flight test, 1 kill = 1 death in the stats. If you’re doing 30 kill - 1 death in one game it counts you 30 kills - 30 deaths in the matchmaking stats.
All the people in my friend list have this issue, and i think a lot of people are not aware.
You can try easily : Launch your game, watch your matchmaking stats, play one game with a positive K/D, restart your game for updating stats and watch again.
If you have this issue please submit a ticket to the halo support.

I know it’s not the most important issues to fix but it’s a bit frustrating.

(Btw sorry for my bad english, i’m french)

I’m having the same Issue here :
My Multiplayer stat KDA is broken. I get around +7~12 kda or more peer games, and right now I have 991kills for 1015 deaths and i’m pretty sure that it’s not my real KDA.
It’s really frustrating so it could be good to fix it please :smiley:

Stat via Halo Waypoint Works fine, only the one in game are glitched

same here waypoint says that i have 2.1K/D and game says that i have more deaths than kills :frowning: (in mcc reach on pc)

I have the same issues… 2.2 KD but I am literally getting deaths added like never before lmao. Are they aware of this?


I’ve been haviing the same issue. I’ve reported this issues everywhere and it seems like no one is talking about it. At the end of the day its just your K/D, but it’s still pretty annoying to see when you try to do well and the stats don’t show for it.

343 is aware of it and they are working on a fix Thank god. Totally killed my vibe

The bug that caused this is fixed but the incorrect stats remain and need to be fixed or wiped. Waypoint has correct stats, use these.