MCC on Steam: Can't sign in after starting

I just bought MCC on Steam and after starting the game the view gets distorted, like its on a different resolution. (Screenshot I took is 3840 × 1080, I have an 1440p 16:10 Monitor. My second screen is ultra wide but it isn’t connected to the pc right now)

Then a window appears “Let’s get you signed in”. Problem ist I can’t click anything, nothing happens. Sometimes if I click on random spots outside the window the window disappears and the game says: There was a problem logging you in.

These are the steps I already tried:

  • Connected my Steam Account with the Gamebar - Tried starting the game with Steam offline mode (Game wants me to sign in still) - Did a full repair of the game files in Steam - Pressed literally every button on my keyboard to get a reaction from the game
    I’m getting a little frustrated here, hope someone can help me.

Did you ever figure this out. It is happening to me too.