MCC New Best Mission Time Confusion

Hello all, I’m new to the forums so I apologize if this is a little rough.

Under your service record there is a place where you can view your best time on legendary for all the missions in Halo MCC. I’ve been using that to track my mission times for the achievements in MCC that require you to beat the campaign on legendary in under 3 hours. It has been pretty useful and so far, I only have Halo CE and Halo 2 left to do. However the recent overhaul update and makeover to Halo waypoint has changed the way your mission time is recorded and it has stumped me a little bit.

1st, Is the time recorded in seconds? I assume it is but it isn’t clarified as to what unit of time is used to measure your best time.

2nd if it is seconds, I think I have an issue with mine because it lists my best time for Cairo Staion in Halo 2 to be **471.5 (Presumed Seconds) ** if that is the case, if my math is correct than that would mean I cleared the level in about 8 minutes, which I don’t remember being my actual best time on that level. I thought it was closer to 16 or 17 minutes but I could be wrong on that. In addition to that it states that my best time for The Oracle is around 1234.65 seconds which is about 20 minutes. I also remember clearing this level in a much faster time. (On a side note I saw someone say that this new best time is overall regardless of difficulty (meaning it could be showing me my best times from like easy) but I find that to be false as well, as I would think my best time for The Oracle was faster on Legendary, and plus, I have more difficult levels like Gravemind and Regret listed with much faster times).

I would like to attach an image to better visualize what I’m talking about but I just made a forums account so I am unable to upload a photo just yet. It looks like it’s still processing, so I’m going to leave it here just in case it does eventually load

Processing: Halo_Waypoint_Halo_2_Service_Record_Stats.png…

Idk if this is the right place to voice my feedback for this, but since the support page only seems to deal with In-Game issues, I shall post it to a forum anyways.

My best ideas for feedback would be:

  1. To label the unit of time being measured for the best times in each mission. I assume it’s seconds but the clarification would be nice nonetheless to avoid confusion.
  2. If it is using your overall best time, that’s cool, but I would also like to view my best times for specific difficulties, so having the drop down menu from the previous waypoint website that allowed you to view your best time would be awesome.
  3. If this is the place to generate feedback for all features maybe add a waypoint tag for those who are struggling with navigating the website, or add a support category specifically for waypoint.

I would also like to point out that I like the look of the website and I prefer this design to the old one, I would just like to use the website to help me strategize for Monopolized and Goat Roped because I really enjoyed that previous feature.

If anyone else feels the same way feel free to chip in and 343, if you do read this I thank you for taking the time to do so.


Hi FakedPotate, welcome to the forums.

I don’t think the time and points on your waypoint profile are for the legendary per se, but they are now your overall best time and score (independent of difficulty). I think they did that so people can check if they have the par times and par scores for that level, but it makes it harder for the Legendary <3h ofcourse.

In my opinion i do like that they now display the best scores and best times, but there should also be an option to see the legendary times just for that reason. You can still see the total time in legendary ingame (Options → Career → Stats and then chose the game you want to view), but it doesnt show the individual levels, so you dont know where you can win the most time. I suggest writing the times down when u do a level, so you have your own record for that.

I too am confused about how they noted the times… Would be better if they did it in minutes and seconds again.


Super87 Ghost,

You’re probably right about the times being overall. That makes the most sense when I look at my stats. Also I have been using the in game stats under the career time to see what I have and it has been of some help, although I am a little worried about that as my Halo 3 time on legendary is listed at 5 hours, but I should and somehow already have the Devastated achievement.

But all things considered, all I have left on Halo 2 is Gravemind now and I’m 42 minutes over the 3 hour goal so if all goes according to plan I should be set. I wrote down my best time on Regret (27:14) and plan on doing so for any other levels I need to do (My best guess being Great Journey and Sacred Icon as I messed up pretty in a few areas on those levels), so hopefully I will be well underway to earn that achievment. But yeah an option to view your legendary times on waypoint still would be awesome.

Thank you for the clarification and the tip.

Yeah, I’m not sure if the change on the new Waypoint was a bug or intentional. You can see your Legendary times (and in Minutes:Seconds) on the Waypoint mobile app, definitely a pain to go out of the way to get it but that’s how I’m able to check my Legendary times for the time being.


I didn’t see this, but the reason you’re likely seeing the 5 hours for your Halo 3 time in MCC is that the stats page combines your Halo 3 and ODST time, not sure if that’s something 343 could break up, or if ODST runs under the same engine as Halo 3 that it just combines the two games.

Once I started playing ODST, I had to whip out a calculator and add my Halo 3 times up from Waypoint (since it started adding my ODST times into my Halo 3 stats page), which once the new Waypoint launched, I then had to add them off the mobile app. Fun!

The meta game and leaderboards need a bit of an overhaul. Lots of bugs and cheaters.

I still have Halo 2 and 4 speedrun to do :frowning: