MCC needs more focus..

Since you people only respond to positive feedback on twitter, i have to post here and hope that you care. Its been almost 2 months since MCC launch and for some reason h5 beta seems to be the priority, not the game that everyone bought but a beta of a game nobody payed for. No body wants to hear " we have two separate teams working on two different projects" That makes you guys sound like you don’t care for MCC at all. Clearly one team is doing a way better job than the other. Im not saying your job is easy but you guys need to put way more effort into MCC and work on h5 after it just isnt fair to everybody who planned on playing all night took days off to play it, the people who expected to play it over their winter break with friends. You should stop coming out with these updates and then say “they should work” it sounds as if you guys know they wont work.So if there is a real chance in fixing this game i suggest you release it again. Make one big update to the entire game, have us delete it off our harddrive when the time comes and have us reinstall it. i doubt anybody will care about waiting to download a fully functioning game. You guys owe the community big time. The first night i got the game i was expecting to run 4s matchmaking and get matched only against other parties of 4 because that’s how it should work. If you guys implemented the halo 3 matchmaking ideas the game could be so much fun. There is so much potential in MCC I just wish you guys would take advantage of that. Bungie did the best they could with what they had. Take advantage of what they created and make it even better. Wasn’t that the idea in the first place?


I couldn’t agree more. Being older with other priorities, its difficult to find time to game with old friends. When matchmaking does work, its only for one game. After that a new party leader is selected and there’s 20 minutes of screwing around, closing the game completely, just to get to a point where we can pick a new gametype. All in hopes that someone from our group doesn’t randomly get booted at the last min. I’m literally writing this because my screen is black and my friends are in a match that we waited 10 minutes to get into. And that’s the catch… we have so much fun playing this game that we will wait that long to play. They fail to realize the potential of the older games and how much they mean to gamers.

I could care about the mp beta. I played a couple matches but stopped because my friends want to play the game they bought. The game they expected would work fine. Kinda like games did a few years ago before the general public became the cheap way to beta test a game after release. Why would I trust H5 when full focus isn’t being placed on making the current game work? It 100% shows that priorites are not where they should be. Which hurts, because H1 - H3 are where the multiplayer fun is at for my group.

FWIW - Other than the ntwk issues, this game is beautifully crafted together. Its too bad MS probably put unrealistic deadlines on 343 to push an unfinished product. We saw EA do the same thing to Mass Effect after they took over and it flat out sucks for the end user.