MCC: Need teammates, good ones.

Hey guys. Lately, I haven’t had a lot of people to play with. At least, at my skill level.
I enjoy all the Halo’s and try to play each a fair amount on MCC. And I’d say, I’m around the top 1000 players on MCC. So, if you want to play. At the very least know what you’re doing and how to support and work as a team.
If you’re interested, let me know.

Fav weapon;
Fav Halo:
Favorite playlist;

I will join

But, you didn’t even fill in what I asked. ;~;

GT: Ghostrider1172
Fav weapon; DMR
Fav Halo: ANY!
Favorite playlist; BTB

GT:skat blast
Fav weapon; BR
Fav Halo: Halo 2
Favorite playlist;Halo 2 classic

havent played much halo since halo 3, just getting back into it again. had around 1.49 K/D in halo 3 on a dif gamertag i can show you

GT: The Mark0
Fav weapon; BR / Sniper
Fav Halo: Any
Favorite playlist; Any (been playing a lot of Hardcore, it really kills your k/d)

Gt: HaloMaster E Fav weapon: BR/DMR Fav halo: all Fav playlist: swat/slayer I don’t like halo 3 mm because everyone on mcc keeps voting for it likes it’s about to die

I don’t know why it was submitted like that I had it like all the others

gt; phoreman

favorite gun; shotgun,br, or sniper

favorite halo; CE, h2a (right now)

favorite playlist; BTB, Team Slayer, h2a, team ball (when it was available)

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GT: G money 1i
Fav weapon; BR, H1-Pistol, Snipe
Fav Halo: H1 > H2A > H3/H2
Favorite playlist; HCS > Hardcore > H2A > H2C

GT: Nobel Gamer 644
Fav weapon: BR/Sniper
Favorite Halo: Halo 2/ Halo 3
Favorite playlist: Halo 2 classic, Halo 2 anniversary, HCS, Team Hardcore, Halo 3
My k/d is 1.5 I need good people because I’m tired of getting matched up with trashy team mates who never played a Halo game before.

Fav Weapon Battle Rifle\Pistiol
Fav Halo/Halo 2 Halo 3 HR HW
Playlist BTB
Halo 2A Multiplayer
Infection and Other H2H

Gamer tag: x iPrO GOW x
favorite weapon: br/snipe
favorite halo: h2A, H2C, halo 3
favorite playlist: hcs, doubles, and snipes
was 43 in dubs on halo3 and 44 lone wolves. Have mic. Hmu with the invite

Gt : R Dubyah
Gun : shotgun
Halo : halo 1 or 2
Playlist : objective based games.

Hmu on xbox

Hmu on xbox