mcc multiplayer?

Ive restarted my router, ive opened my NAT, ive uninstalled and reinstalled the game, it shows 69.1 mg after install, i downloaded the march update when it came out, now im sitting in a lobby and havent seen a soul, it hasnt kicked me off of xbl since the patch but the frustration with not being able to find a single game in 3 days is mounting. Is there some way i can redownload the update? Am i doing something wrong? Or is 343 just not fixing what they say they are? Ive read other people posting about 30 second search times and i wanna play the game too…any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you.

2 words " Port Forwarding" that’s the only way to run games smoothly on XBL even if you have low Connection, and if so also attach your Xbox One to DMZ that also helps, you’ll see some souls or even many after that, i’m stuck with seeing souls but not connecting with them :smiley: