MCC multiplayer crashing! Help!!!!

So I jumped back into The Master Chief Collection. Downloaded Reach, and went to go into Multiplayer to get the armors.

Before I did so, I checked all my statuses. Connection was all good. Signals good. Nat was open. Everything was fine.

Then, in the middle of my Multiplayer, Everything went black. I got the message Starting Game. I found this odd, as I was in the middle of my game.

Then I found myself back on the menu screen. No progress collected.

This is happening in EVERY Multiplayer game! Firefight, Slayer, big team battle, Invasion, Fiesta, even Infection.

It even happens across all titles! Halo, 2, 3 ODST, 4, and Even Reach!

I’ve re-checked my signals and connections multiple times, taken the disc in and out. And even reset my Xbox, and yet this problem persists!