MCC Military Clan Recruitment!

Hello there, I am Imperial Vice(Vice President) VG Ze Condor!
I am looking for new recruits for The Unified Empire as we are a new clan that just detached from the military based clan GWF because they abandoned us on the Xbox One and we decided to form a new military based clan!

We only require a few things such as the changing of your armor colors, your emblem, your emblem colors, your service tag, your clan tag and your activity.

Things We Do:
As soon as we are at a good growth of about 20 members, we will start raid training which is fun to do(don’t let the word training bug you) and we will be doing different custom game types as well.
We sometimes are serious but only when we need to be serious and we are having fun the rest of the time.

Looking For:
We need loyal members that are experienced with military based clans as well as non-experienced.
We need leaders that have led at least a 4 man team before.
We need leaders that have led branches and even clans before.
We need members that can be combat ready.
We need active members.
We need members who can be both serious and fun for the times when needed.

The way our structure works seems to be fair in my eyes.
If something is seen as a bad thing or as a flaw in the structure, I will try my best to make it right.

To view some of the clans structure, visit

Message me on Xbox One if you would like to join, ask questions or make an alliance.

  • Imperial Vice VG Ze Condor

would u guys like to merge into SF and the vice pres and pres will both get a directors position and if u need more info message me@ BionicGamer65 or go to

Wanna do a 4v4 HCS scrim? Add “paradlse”