MCC: matchmaking problem in Asia

Hello! I am Taiwanese halo player (East Asia). After updating the MCC, it’s hard for me to match other players in the online mode and so do my friends. Although it took time waiting for other players before, it’s not a problem and we can still find players. We guess this happened is because of 343’s strategy to control the matchmaking quality by pairing players with similar pings. Anyway, please solve this problem ASAP to save those rare Asian halo players. Many thanks!

Same here I am from south east asia and I cant find any game waiting for like 10mins no games in any playlist. Please do something it’s impossible to find a game in ASIA. Before update it was just fine.

same problem here in chile,the ruined the game,it was perfect before

Same. Here . In South East Asia. Matchmaking is broken after update .

Please let me play with high ping