MCC Looking for three players for Annual & Deja Vu

Hi, I need three people assist in getting both the Annual and Deju Vu achievement in Halo MCC.
I’m extremely comfortable in getting through the Annual achievement.
I’ll be able to do fine in the Deja Vu one.
Message me here or in game. Either is fine.

I can give you a hand mate, I’ve done Deja Vu before but I’ve never done annual. If you still need a hand drop me a message and I’ll see if I’m available when you plan to do it

Still searching

I still need the achievements also. I’d be willing to help as well! I play on PC though. I’m not sure if you’re on xbox or if we can cross-play.

I could give a hand this weekend and maybe this evening as I don’t have either of these either. I almost did annual once but someone had to leave just before we finished. I’m in the UK FYI in terms of timing.