MCC - Local 4 Player Co-op not working

On the box it advertises “4 player co-op.” However, 4 player co-op won’t load on Spartan ops, the only place in the game where it allows you to sign in 4 players locally. I have been reading the forums and it seems that many players have the same questions I have. If the box shows that there is 4 player co-op, and if the game allows you to sign in 4 players locally in Spartan ops, then why does the game crash back to the menu each time you try to launch it?

Also, I have read somewhere that the 4 player co-op is actually intended to be with multiple consoles over Xbox Live only. If this is the case then the box should be more specific. The fact that it lists 4 player co-op on the box with the disc would indicate that, if you have a console and the disc, you can play with 4 players. This is a big failure on 343 Studios part. Can we get this fixed please?

Please address this issue! This has caused me so much headache. I bought mcc just so I could do four player split-screen!