MCC Legendary reward not being awarded

So, I noticed some people mention they have had a reward redeemed on their profile for completing all of the games in MCC solo on Legendary?

I’ve done this, and have not received a reward. I’ve also noticed that while MCC says I’ve beaten every mission Legendary solo, Waypoint claims there are several missions in Halo CE I’ve only beaten on Heroic or Normal. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with MCC’s campaign playlists? I wouldn’t be surprised if the times I’ve done most CE missions on Legendary, it was in a playlist instead of in the normal campaign mode. If that’s the case and Playlists aren’t counting towards this progression (despite counting for helioskrill) I think something needs to be tweaked there.

Part of me is tempted to take some time out of my day and just go do CE on Legendary again, and hope it actually counts, but I’d really just play Infinite right now.


What reward are you talking about? I have completed all MCC campaigns solo on Legendary and would love to get an Infinite reward for it!

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Ya I have finished them all as well except odst

Right before the beta launched, people were getting legacy rewards redeemed. One was the SR 152 reward from Halo 5, and the other seemed to be a reward for doing all the MCC games solo on Legendary. I’ve been trying to find out more information but it hasn’t really been talked about since 3 days ago.

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If anyone has info on this I’d love to know, since I’m also in the boat of having completed every game solo legendary. Legacy rewards in general would be great aside from the SR152 one which was a ridiculous grind. It would help us start with something that isn’t default MK.VII or MK.V[B] since right now everyone look the same…

It’s called Collection Conqueror. Mine finally appeared last night but it doesn’t have a code with it so I guess I’ll have to wait some more. You’ll probably have to go do those missions again. I don’t see why playlists wouldn’t have counted.

Collection Conqueror awards you the MK VI nameplate (Emblem)

Check your redeemed rewards for that one.

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Im not sure what collection conquerer is awarded for but i can say it’s not for completing the games on legendary. I got it but I’m still missing halo 1 and 2 completion so it’s for something else

Uny said you only have to complete 3 campaigns on Legendary.

Not much of a Conqueror. Lol

Some people say they’ve only done a few missions on Legendary and got it so I think it’s a little buggy.

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I figured it out. After a bit of research, Uny tweeted that saying you need to visit your profile page on Halo Waypoint, not the service record or code redeem page. It should redeem automatically. I did it and then checked my redeemed codes game right after and it said it unlocked 1 minute ago.


Ah yes that worked for me too. Thank you!

Thanks, this worked for me.

This worked for me, thank you!

Where can you check your redeemed codes? I can only find the place to enter them