MCC keeps crashing when playing Reach

Since the last update MCC keeps crashing in Reach only. Currently I have an hour-long ban because this has happened 4 times today alone through no fault of my own. Is this happening to anyone else and does anyone have any idea how to prevent this from happening?

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That happens to me too on Reach Firefight. Never had any issues, but now my game keeps crashing in about 1 in 5 FF-matches, and almost always in the last round or the bonusround. Extremely annoying. I even put the new armors off, but that doesn’t make any difference. Before this new season i also never had this problem with Reach (Firefight)

That sucks to get all the way near the end then have it crash. I double checked and I also have all the useless armor and such disabled in my settings so it must be something else. Maybe it’s related to all the flashing geometry going on in that game lately. Just happened to me again now near the start of a zealot fiesta match, extremely frustrating to say the least.

I’ve got the same thing and yesterday night it crashed with every Reach match. Before yesterday we also got banned everytime we had our game crashed. I’m playing together with my mate and we both have the same thing at the same time.

Image frezzes and there is a loud noise and then MCC shuts down. We want to play slayer matches, but we’ve played Infinite for 4 nights and didn’t get any slayer matches, so we went back to Reach MCC. Somehow it was a hell to invite each other into online Xbox games, but after sending more than 20 invites one finally came through. So we could finally play slayer in Reach MCC and the game crashed twice in a row.

It really messed up our Halo noght and since we both have kids, we can not play as much as back in the days. That makes it extra annoying when it seems Halo doens’t want to be played on such an evening.

@Un_Dy_V I can almost guarantee that your issue is one of two things. Either you are using the quick resume feature when playing the MCC for which I suggest completely closing the game each time you are done playing and restart it the next time, or you have new skins/customization enabled. Both of these reasons are known to cause crashes, and I’m almost certain it’s the former reason why for you as your description of what happens exactly matches what was happening to me when it was crashing.

Try to do these things and see what happens. I think you will find that it will become a hell of a lot less frequent if you do. All the best.


I concur with this. Every night I close out and restart MCC, I also have the useless new graphics disabled and still suffer from this issue. Tonight I was lucky; my brother and I played 15 games or so and weren’t booted from any(75% were CE games to be fair) but in recent weeks it has been a daily event. Why is this an issue to begin with?

I play on my Xbox One X, so it is not the Quick resume. I saw an other person saying that they had new skins disabled and still had the crashes. I’ll try it myself tonight and I’ll let this thread know.