MCC is STILL freezing...... .. .

These past 3 days have been rough as Hell. I was told that MCC FINALLY had ranks in the majority of the playlists and was stoked! So I get on and started playing H3. The. a few games in, it freezes… I think it’ll be a one time thing. NOT. Every two or three games it freezes and boots me to the dashboard. I’ve been playing ALOT of Destiny and GTAV for months prior and no freezes whatsoever. So I know it’s not my Xbox. But, just to make sure I hard reset. Freezes two games later. I deleted my game save data. Freezes again. I uninstalled then reinstalled and waited for an hour for it to do so. Freezes three games later. I restored the factory defaults (which deletes absolutely everything) so I reinstalled it AGAIN. Freezes. So I called Xbox. My connection is fine, my NAT is open, and they couldn’t find anything else to do.

I know it’s not my Xbox but it doesn’t really seem to happening to anyone else