MCC is not playable in other countries in 2019

Just a few things to start off with, i’ve played this game on LAN, at home in the USA, and online in Japan.
The same things occur ON LAN as well as on line. Melees don’t connect, shots don’t register as they should (og H3 vs MCC H3). People getting booted from lobbies before the game starts for no reason, build crashes. 3-5 shot beat downs, taking an entire magazine to unload into an opponent on their head? The game is borderline unplayable for people who either 1) don’t live in the CONUS or 2) don’t have a super high connection speed. Ya’ll say that the servers are so much better than PTP connection but they aren’t. Where are the bug fixes for these things? Tightening up the netcode? You’ve focused so much on Halo Reach coming to the MCC but the things that i’ve listed above are still present. This isn’t what i’d expect a AAA game to feel like in 2019. It’s also just irritating that ya’ll hear about these issues on twitter and in twitch etc, even youtube videos showing off the horrible netcode but you all just shut your eyes and pretend everything is okay.
It’s 2019 why are we still dealing with subpar gameplay???

Fix this game, tighten up the stuff under the hood please. Make it enjoyable to play and not a constant headache.

Feel free to use the existing feedback thread for this.