MCC Installation Trouble

Hi all,

I recently got an Xbox One X and the Master Chief Collection on disc. Everytime I press start in the game menu, the game freezes on the spinning wheel and the background stays in place (music still plays). The first time tried it asked to synch with saved data, which I said yes too. Ever since then I have had this issue. So far I’ve tried uninstalling, removing the disc, clearing persistent storage from the Bluray, and restarting the console. Any tips everyone?

It’s a long shot, and you may have already tried, but did you hard restart(turn Xbox off, unplug power cable for 10 seconds, plug back in, turn on)?

It usually does take a second to load but if your background stops moving something is wrong. Hope you can get this resolved.

Same here bro I’ve done the same thing try again now but if doesn’t work I’m just gonna get the digital copy. Also if you wait a minute or two it will make it past the loading screen but then you will get a missing content error.

My tip, go digital.

Actually bro just got done reinstalling its works now.