MCC Insider not working

I signed up last week, hyped to play the best trilogy in gaming history in 4K! I know the email was valid and I know it was the correct gamertag. I even turned on my xbox for the first time in 6 months to confirm this. Yet my xbox insider only shows minecraft and PUBG. I am now filled with disappointment and sadness. I went to re sign up just in case and now it says youre not accepting any new insiders? wut?

Same thing happened to me. Im still waiting for a reply on as to why this happened. I recently changed my GT & saw this may cause a problem. If so I don’t see why I can’t be added on my new gt? Was looking forward to playing.

The deadline for signups has been passed, so you won’t able able to play until the full update comes out.

Please see the troubleshooting topics and in the Insider Discussion thread in the main MCC forums for help on this