MCC Insider Nameplate

I’m included in the MCC Insider program, however for some reason I never received my MCC Insider nameplate. thanks for any help in advance

Hey OP, the Insider nameplate isn’t given out for joining the program or for being in a flight. So far it has only been given out on very specific occasions, there’s no word on if / when it will be given out again.

Insider nameplates aren’t given out to everybody enrolled in the program, or even to everybody who participates in the Flights.
They’re only given out during certain events but it’s been half a year since the last one (back in October during the Reach Flight) and that was Xbox exclusive, so it’s currently impossible to obtain them.

Thanks for the quick response and insight! Happy slaying dudes. Appreciate the help

Hopefully we’ll see another special occasion sometime this fall.

I hope they drop again soon.

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> I hope they drop again soon.

in the first fighit on Xbox One Version of MCC 343 give this nameplate and Insider Legacy for join during the MP Test

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Let’s hope the Nameplate come back soon

I really hope they do another event to get the insider nameplate, I really want it.