Sup guys idk if people remember about HLG but i am looking for a team to hide with in order to make youtube videos! We will mainly hide on Halo 3 because it is the best for hiding, but we can try at H2A as well. My GT is Try the Bible. And don’t let the GT scare you I don’t care about religious preferences. ADD ME OR LEAVE GT THANX!

GT: paradlse (no that’s not a typo it’s actually an L)

I am pretty interested. Used to do this stuff in doubles. I will need refreshed on some of the hiding spots though :). I am decent as well, so I can get us some kills if it comes to down to it.

GT: Floobalicious.

Also interested. I was a decent hider on Halo 3, will need some custom game sessions for H2 and H4 maps though.