MCC Halo 5 Armor

Can you still unlock the armor sets from the MCC achievement for halo 5 or do you have to wait until halo 5 comes out and hope they drop in a req pack?

They are unlockable just by getting the achievements. Any time.

Just the Achievement is all that’s required. I assume it will already be unlocked like the nightfall armor from Nightfall during the beta. So if you have the achievement for the armor it should just already be there when you boot it up.

My Helioskrill armor is available from beating all MCC games on legendary right now in the Spartan customization screen on Waypoint.

I believe there is only 1 armor set from MCC right?

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> I believe there is only 1 armor set from MCC right?

i think the mark V and VI versions are from playing it, too.

How does your armour from halo MCC carry over or does it just do it automatically?

What exactly are the achievements?

Yeah just the achievement.

Mark VI
Mark VI (Scarred)
All are still available, and will always be available.

Can you get the helioskrill armor by beating them on co op legendary?

Both ways work.

Well I was just wondering because I have another xbox profile which I haven’t played on in awhile so I was wondering just incase I wanted to play on that profile instead on my main one.

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hmmm im not sure