MCC - Halo 3 Achievement issues

Hey guys just wondering if people were still having achievement issues so long after launch? I didn’t encounter any problems from Halo: Ce or Halo 2. I am now onto Halo 3. The achievement for the first level appeared fine but I have completed 3 missions since and didn’t get the achievement for completing them on any difficulty. And I know I have completed them as it says i’ve done them on heroic in the menu just no achievement pops. Also noticed that my par time out of 20:00 is sitting on zero for all the missions I have completed. Just wondering if anyone had this particular issue for halo 3 and any work arounds/fixes would be appreciated.
Also just logged into waypoint, it is not showing I have completed these levels. Only says I have done Sierra 117 when I have actually completed Crow’s Nest and Tsavo HIghway

If I remember right to get the par time Achievements you need to turn on scoring but I could be wrong

It doesn’t even say i’ve completed the levels though? it just has a dash for the levels saying I haven’t done them