MCC Games Installed, Not Working

So I decided to install the MCC since I haven’t been playing halo in a while, I learned that they had a new system where you choose what games to install and choose what to prioritize. That’s why the base game (which was why my game downloaded in about 4 minutes).

The problem is that all my games are installed in MCC (even 3 ODST), and yet when I try to start up a campaign or multiplayer it says it’s missing the installation for the game. This confused me because I have the full 75.4 GB plus the 10 MB for ODST. Both multiplayer and campaigns are are installed, and the priorities are in chronological order.

Can someone help with this? I’m going to uninstall all when I leave for work and reinstall while I’m gone to see if that works. I’ve already restart my Xbox One. It might even be a bug.

According to this uninstalling and hard-resetting the console might help. Beyond that I can’t seem to find anything pertinent.