MCC Game History Stats

Game stat history for Bungie’s Halo 2/Halo 3/Halo Reach and 343’s Halo 4 are hosted on and this site,, respectively. For each of these games, I am able to examine my game history, which shows who was in the game, the amount of kills they contributed, deaths, etc.

For example:

Red Team
Player 1
Player 2

Blue Team
Player 1
Player 2

However, when I look up the “Game History” option for MCC, it displays something like this, which only accounts for my stats:

Last Ten Games Played:
1. Ivory Tower - Slayer - 14 kills - 7 deaths, etc
2. Zanzibar - Oddball - 0:34 , 16 kills, 4 deaths, etc.
3. Stonetown - Team Slayer - 12 kills, 6 deaths, etc.
4. etc
5. etc
6. etc
Is there a way to display the in-depth game details for the MCC stats that I’m missing? Will this be implemented in the future? It would be a bit of a letdown if I can’t go into my stats and compare friends’ performances in a certain game.

I don’t think they implemented a detailed stack tracker for this game. So my first inclination is to say no

Any idea why they would reduce stat functionality from the previous iterations? We’ve had game by game stat tracking since the very first Halo 2 game from November 2004.

Can anyone else confirm?


The only explanation I have for reducing stat functionality to basically nothing is… 343iLogic.

I would like to know the same thing, you would think that a whole generation later, with better tech and know how, implementing stat tracking at least on par with the previous iterations would be easier not more difficult… but there’s always some excuse nowadays. What it really comes down to is 343 isn’t old Bungie, nowhere near it.

Please don’t revive old topics thanks