MCC Forging Contest with Prizes! 1st Prize: Halo 5

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Prepare to SSD... *Contest*Ever want to play a CTF match in Tayari Plaza? Wish you could assault the building on Lost Platoon? Does Kikowani Station just scream for Big team Battle? We agree, and we want you to make it happen

The Mission:
Forge an ODST campaign (or campaign-inspired) space in Halo 2 Anniversary for use in custom games!

The Rules:

  • Use Halo 2 Anniversary’s Forge to create your multiplayer map. - Objective gametypes are greatly encouraged. - Because this is ODST-themed, you win bonus points if you include the Suppressed SMG and Assault Rifle (on map, or as part of custom loadouts). If you wish to toss the Battle Rifle aside, we won’t take points away either. :wink: - Maps that recreate campaign spaces don’t have to be 100% accurate. Fun comes first, so if you think a mancannon or teleporter is appropriate, then knock yourself out! - While being ODST-inspired, don’t be afraid to make use of the full sandbox. Hornet? Battle Rifle? Civilian Warthog? If they make the map better, don’t hold back. Feel free to use any canvas map that you wish. You won’t lose points for setting it on Skyward. - You may submit multiple maps if you’d like (more chances to win!), but only one version of a specific map. We can’t playtest them for you, so if you submit v1.0 of a map, that’s the one we’re judging. Be sure to playtest your map before you submit it! That said, this is a public forum, so don’t be afraid to ask for help with playtesting/public critique in a separate thread. - Remember that your map doesn’t have to be an obvious campaign space. If you want to set your map on a damaged UNSC ship on the Nebula skybox, that counts, since “Prepare to Drop” opens that option for you!
    To enter, post your submission in this thread with links to both map and gametype. The MCC has a File Search function, so be sure to include all necessary info (such as supported number of players), as well as what gametypes are supported by your map (and which specific one you’d like for us to run). It doesn’t need to support all gametypes, so if you are designing your map with Assault in mind, don’t worry about having to tack on Territories. Remember to have it playtested thoroughly before you submit!

Once you’ve submitted your map(s), community members Padraig Pr7me, ProfessorBonkle, Snipe 316, Bonehelm, and Munky-058 will review your map. Our favorites will be included into a streamed game night with fellow players, where we will pick our winners!

That’s right! We’ve arranged for some awesome prizes to reward your heroic efforts!

  • 1st Place: One copy of ‘Halo 5; Guardians’, signed by 343 Industries & $20 Xbox Live credit - 2nd Place: One ‘Three- Month Membership Xbox Live Gold Service’, One ‘Halo 4 Poster’ signed by 343 Industries, & $10 Xbox Live credit - 3rd Place: One ‘Halo Legends’ Poster and One ‘Covenant Carbine Collectible’, both signed by 343 Industries - 4th Place: One Friend Request from community member and Community Cartographer ‘Snipe 316’ ** - 5th Place: One Xbox Live Message of “Congratulations” from community member Padraig Pr7me **** Yes, these are joke prizes. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have until Midnight, August 3rd, 2015 to submit your entry, with judging (and streaming) to be done the following week. So get those boots on the ground and get Forging!

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