MCC Forge Feature Request

Ok now I KNOW I’ve seen some other people asking for this, but not on the forums, so I’m just gonna go ahead and ask:

343 would it be possible to add the barrier removal forge item from Halo El Dewrito to Halo 3, Reach, and Halo 4 so that we can get bigger Forge maps, and perhaps even make some old maps in a new way? Halo 3’s The Pit is an entirely new map without barriers and it’s amazing!

Basically place this item on the map will disable all built-in (dev made) kill and invis barriers on the map, but still allow player made kill/safe boundaries to work.

I feel this would be best suited for 3 and Reach, especially on Forge World, but Halo 4 would be nice to have this stuff too. Maybe even give it to H2A if it happens.


I would like to see a tool that mirrors object placements. like a special “anchor” object you place in the world. and then whenever you spawn an object a duplicate will be placed opposite the anchor


I would like 343i allow us to delete all the boundaries in the stock maps in Forge so we can put in our own boundaries like were able to do in Halo Online.


10000000000000000000% this

This would be amazing! I’ve always wanted to explore maps more and be able to edit them to a far greater extent in forge. This, combined with more objects, weapons, and vehicles added in, would make forge an absolutely amazing experience again

This is possible in Halo: Reach right now. A PC player can host a very lightly modded version of a map as a regular custom game that can make kill zones not kill players (the countdown appears but disappears and doesn’t kill at the end). Other players still need to have some method of getting past the initial invisible walls (spawning, teleporter, or driven out by the host) but after that have free reign.

The Halo: Reach map Solitary has an absolute gold mine worth of space outside of the level. It’s mindbogglingly gigantic. The map High Noon has so much space that when you get out to the opposite boundary your player’s hands shake because of floating point rounding errors.

It can sort of work in the Reach CGB right now. Using gametype scripting it’s possible to make a player immune to all damage which will prevent dying to the countdown timer. I haven’t done it yet, but I hope to one day make a map where you literally fall from a crazy height like an ODST at the start of the match.

If 343i would add this feature it would cause a boom in new maps. Halo 3 would benefit the most!

Honestly I think Reach and 4 would benefit the most from barrier removal as both of their Forge modes, maps and items are far better than that of Halo 3. But Halo 3 would be lit af. You ever play on the Pit with all boundaries disabled? It’s euphoric.

Yeah 4 especially would benefit, I know Reach only has 1 forge map, but Halo 4’s main 3 from release are strangely restricted on space in comparison, there’s death barriers up against the edges of all the maps not letting you access perfectly good terrain for no reason, Ravine and Erosion are also both deathly afraid to let you touch the water.

Also like The Pit in Halo 3, Pitfall is pretty cool out of bounds.

But if we get another forge update all the games could use a few new pieces, and access to forge stuff on more maps.

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Reach actually has 3 Forge maps.

Tempest suffers from the same issue as The Halo 4 maps, but it’s enclosed in the side of a mountain, so it’s hard leave it without immediately seeing unfinished geometry.
What’s the other map?

Ridgeline is the 3rd Forge map.

Oh yeah I guess, was updated with thorage right? Didn’t have forge stuff in the OG game?

Ridgeline is the 3rd official Forge Canvas from the OG Reach. It was a canvas long before Thorage, yet ironically didn’t get any Thorage QOL updates. A little upsetting, but we have all of Ridgelines exclusive items on Forge World so not really a problem.

Huh, forgot It had all the forge pieces I guess.

All i want is new forge items, like halo 3 did for adding weapons never seen in h3, maybe add the brute plasma rifle as an example. But the biggest thing i want more are pelicans and phantoms to be flyable on reach. It was a dream coming true when we got seraphs and sabers. It would be a blessing to get them in here too.

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As much as I’d like Pelicans in Reach Forge, I think we should have barrier removal options first so we can make more Pelican-Friendly maps.


This sounds really good, I’d probably just spend hours exploring areas that were never accessible before on Reach’s Forge World if something like that would be added.

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Try this mod. It will work even on an Xbox.

“Boundary Break” on NexusMods for Halo The Master Chief Collection.

It uses gametype scripting. Pick a map and then use this gametype in a custom game. You will still have to fight against invisible walls but it has a teleport option and you can fly. It’s great for exploring multiplayer maps without needing to worry about dying.

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Really, really, really hoping for a Forge overhaul especially H3 Forge. Hopefully the MCC team are hard at work on things like this and Flood Firefight and they’ll be like tadaaaa and add in January.

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You do realize the Infinite team basically forced the MCC team to join them right? There is no “MCC Team” at this current point in time. NOW, that being said the Infinite team could’ve taken the MCC team solely for help getting the game to launch standards (we all know how THAT went/is going), and the possibility of the MCC team going back to MCC after Infinite’s launch, but I doubt it. MCC is more potent competition for Infinite than any other game out there, and 343 knows this.