MCC Download Bug

Tried to download MCC update. Told me I needed more memory this is odd considering I have an external hard drive consisting of 800gb free atm. This is what I’ve tried to fix it so far.

  • Turning off and on xbox (full reset)
  • Uninstall and reinstalling the game (now won’t reinstall)
  • Deleting any saved Data (There was none)
  • Unplugging external hard drive, making some space on Xbox one and installing it on there
  • Wiping the disc
  • Deleting games of external hard drive
  • Turning Xbox off and on again

So far nothing’s worked so I can only assume this is a bug. I can install any other game just not MCC.

Are you now able to install the game? If not, you could install the game offline from your disk, and then let it try and update again.