MCC Doesn't like WiFi?

Ever since the game came out it would freeze for me at start-up and in the post-game screen every time. Due to my setup at home it is more convenient for me to use WiFi but as an experiment I used a long network cable to go wired.

All freezing is gone.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with the game itself or the Xbox Preview Program (which had WiFi issues in the past) but if you’re using WiFi and having freezing issues try and go wired instead.

No one else on WiFi?

I’ll be honest, wifi sucks. Its not reliable enough for something that can cause you to be killed if even a couple of packets drop. I wire mine right in.

Wired is inconvenient in my apartment but I’ve dragged out my long -Yoink- cable and it’s made a world of difference. I do understand that wired is always better but the freezing due to WiFi is most certainly a bug.
What I want to know is if some of the party issues we’ve had could be caused by having at least one of your party members using WiFi?

Running a speed check via wifi I get about a quarter of the bandwidth I do wired. If you are on a low bandwidth to start with then even without packets dropping and connection issues it is going to make a big difference in multiplayer. MCC has frequent long loading times as it is.

I have a Netgear Nighthawk connected at 5ghz and my connection speeds, packet loss etc are identical whether weird or wireless.

Yes wired will always be better but this is a bug with WiFi.

I use wifi with my One and have had no problems with it. Initial sign-in to Xbox Live is a bit slower than wired, but it runs fine after that.

I haven’t noticed any significant issues with WIFI - slower speeds on network check, but i couldn’t tell a difference in game play

Wifi on 2Ghz: ~40Mbs down/20Mbs up, 91ms
WIFI on 5Ghz: ~50Mbs down/30Mbs up, 91ms
Wired: ~80Mbs down/40Mbs up, 89ms

Couldn’t get it to work at all on 5Ghz unless i locked the router to 20Mhz but that is an Xbox issue, not MCC.

They both feel laggy (wifi and wired) compared to xbox 360 on 2ghz wifi playing Reach. melee, jumping, and grenade throws feel awful with a noticeable delay that I don’t notice on the 360.