MCC does not work

It freezes at main menu right after hitting start. I’ve reinstalled everything several times, I’ve tried moving it from internal to external. I’ve let it sit for 5-10 minutes and just not sure what to do. Everything I look up about this error has claimed to have been fixed/patched.

I’m on an Xbox one x.

Also deleted all my saves and files because that worked for someone else. So not only did I now lose everything I’ve ever done in all of halo but it still can’t get past the main menu. I’m a die-hard Xbox fan but this is beyond pathetic that the same game has been an absolute mess for 5+ years and it’s gotten worse to the point you can’t even play it. Imagine a newcomer getting game pass for halo met with a 100gb main menu and an absolute 100% broken game that years after release is in a state that shouldn’t have even been released.