MCC crashing when showing cut scene in Halo 2

I was playing the Halo 2 campaign (MCC) locally with my brother last night. We were playing on legendary with 7 skulls turned on through the campain level “The Metropolis”. After much difficulty, we were able to destroy the scarab and the last cut scene started playing. The game froze at around this exact second (26:02) when the game crashed. We didn’t get the achievement for beating the level. After speeding through the campaign level a second time with scarab guns, the game crashed again at the same exact time. How can I resolve this issue?

I’m having this problem right now the only difference is it crashes almost immediately after the cutscene starts. Don’t suppose you found any way around it? We tried playing with the old graphics with little luck but have played it like 5 times so I give up but am not gonna just skip the mission