MCC crashing, and season points inquiry.

So I’m on console and I’m running into issues where I’ll be in a match and the game will completely crash and now I’m up to a 30 minute penalty and I don’t think it’s my internet but the penalty part super sucks when I’m not quitting.

My other issue was that for the last two levels I didn’t get a season point for leveling up. Do you nolonger recieve those after a certain rank? It says my current level is Tour 4, Level 24 Major. I’m wondering if I’m running into glitches or what is going on.
I figured I’d post in here for help, although I’m sure these are dumb issues and that my answers are obvioua.

If your game is crashing try turning off the Halo 3 skins. I haven’t had it happen to me but this solution seems to work best.

As for the Season Points, yes, after you rank up 100 times you will no longer receive a Season Point.

I jut experienced it again, we got into a game and now his character is frozen. This Is the third time I’ve run into that issue. He can pause but not move anywhere.

If your router has a DMZ capability, I would just try for a minute or two (you don’t want to use it 24/7) to add the IP of your console to it and see if the games still crash. This would tell you if the problem is with the game or with your networking setup.

Also, when it crashes, does it just drop you out of the match or is it entirely out of the game and back to the Home screen? Or is it worse and it’s a system lock?

It completely closes the game usually and sends me home but sometimes it doesn’t do that however