MCC campaign progress reset?

So, I’ve been a fan for a while, played just about all the games. MCC comes out I’m ecstatic. Normally the hardest I ever go is heroic but after hearing about Helioskrill and seeing pictures I decide hey why not? The complete collection right here and I can grind it out and jump from one to the next and say with pride that I’ve done it all on legendary finally. I’m almost done with a few missions left for Halo 4 and decide I need to take a break. Some time goes by (about a year-ish?) and after telling my boyfriend my plan we decide we’ll try it out but start from the beginning and go through it all together. That leads me to now where not only did my progress get reset for CE, but after looking through the rest, just about everything was reset to what little progress I made some time in 2016. And jumping into it I found Halo 2 won’t even save further progress past the opening of the gravemind cutscene at all. Any advice? Anyone else have something like this going on? Or a fix?

The MCC had multiple updates this past year that unfortunately had a result of resetting campaign progression. The updates were fixes for the game and campaign resets were an unavoidable side effect from these updates.

That’s what is sounding like what happened, especially since you said it was almost a year since you last played it. The only answer I can give is unfortunately you will have to restart the progress you lost.