MCC BAN system is garbage

MCC BAN system is garbage.
I played FFA and got a BAN after normal gameplay.
What was the BAN intent?
It’s interfering with the game.

This happened to me too last week. I was playing Halo 1 with my cousins and we played a game, tried to search for another one, and it said we were banned for 5 minutes? Even though we never quit? And then after that was up, a few games later, the exact same thing, except this time we were banned for 15 minutes… Idk wtf that is but how can we get banned for quitting when we didn’t even quit? I haven’t submitted a ticket for it yet but this kinda thing just makes me not even wanna touch the game. The new quit bans are already ban enough as it is but made even worse that they don’t function correctly and ban when you didn’t quit.

Oh well, I’m sure you didn’t. But in order to get heard you’ll have to take it up in the Ban Thread I believe:

That’s what it’s for after all. I presume that’s the only place they’ll consider your case at least.

If you can manage to be constructive there is a large thread discussing the change in ban lengths.