MCC Audio slider

Does anybody know if 343 are going to put an audio slider into MCC. You hear the dialogue or sound effects when the music kicks in. It is awful in CE I have to switch classic graphics just to hear the dialogue and sound effects. Unless 343 have dropped support for this game.


I hear you. This has been a long time ask, and would be nice. I just don’t ever expect it to be. Maybe the original code of these games prevent it?

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I have messed around with all settings in my Xbox and my tv and it is still the same. It is better with a headset in but it still broken as when the music kicks in it reduces every other sound.

I think you mean mcc xbox. Cuz mcc pc has had his feature a long time ago

I found the problem I just can’t believe 343 are that lousy. The problem is you have to download the PC version of the game to change the settings. I just lowered the game music to 20% to try it and it worked. Music was very low and I got to hear sound effects and talking again. So now I have to tweak the PC version audio so its balanced on my Series X.

So the settings sync between the platforms? It does means that the xbox version of mcc is almost the identical of the pc version, with a very few differences between them