MCC 20 Year Halo Anniversary Feedback

I think that’s awful slow even for a non-stop grind, but think about how much slower it would be for those who don’t have the time to do all of that (i.e. jobs/family).

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Would you mind fixing the four unobtainable achievements on Halo MCC CN? Thank you.

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Those back cosmetics with all those Xbox and/or general Halo theme… Come oooooon, perfect opportunity to let Elite’s have a few back accessories now.
We’re beyond making sense for them, why should only the Spartans carry around Xbox’s and Grunt Plushies.

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I wouldn’t consider this to be too bad in the worst case scenario. Something else to consider is that the maximum speed is locked by season point yielding weekly challenges and that a player will reach the maximum speed as long as he completes all season point yielding challenges on a weekly basis. At the current state, this process isn’t too bad due to the weekly challenges being relatively easy and that the player has a 7 day time period at its didposal to complete the challenges.

For me, I do primarily focus on the PvE challenges and do usually complete then within few hours (1-2 hours).

Here’s an idea. Add macworld halo elite armor to MCC. Basically take the original designs of the elites and put them in either halo 2 anniversary or halo 3. Either or. Show some elites some love. :slight_smile:

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Personally, I’m liking the SPI SPARTAN-III armor in Halo 3, and the Orion set is interesting as well. I’m honored to celebrate 20 years of Halo.

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My feedback would be-

Pros: the SPI armor, Orion armor, and weapon skins look amazing!

Cons: I’m really turned off by the grunt plushy, Xbox Controller, and Xbox backpack. That stuff is just too goofy in my opinion. I was somewhat indifferent towards the gladiator, knight, and Viking type armors. But these goofier type of cosmetics are just too much in my opinion. Im less worried about them hitting MCC, as I am worried that it’s a sign we’ll have similar cosmetics in Halo Infinite.

Some people have said The Exchange was an odd place to add them. I don’t mind it, but also thought it would’ve been cool to add them via a smaller Season Pass, and release them all on 11/15. I imagine there’s probably a good ‘behind-the-scenes’ reason for drip feeding them though.


Custom games feedback:

I personally feel that you should add the option to save a playlist when setting up a new custom lobby, instead of having to go through and changing each individual slots for a new map/game type. That way it be more efficient to host custom games. Lastly, you could give us the option to change maps whenever we’re in the pre-game lobby, instead of leaving the game and starting a new server.

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Now that Halo Infinite is available for players, matchmaking population for the Master Chief Collection will naturally drop. Improvements to future-proof the game would really be appreciated so that both titles can have a healthy population. Please look into

  • Split screen on PC! That’s a maximum of 4 people per computer. This means it would only take two PCs for a full 4v4 or 8FFA match. That would be a small change that can really improve matchmaking times.
  • A Match Composer in Competitive that’s similar to Social (in being able to select multiple games to queue into matchmaking)
  • Allow players to mix and select multiple game sizes (IE: I would select 8 FFA, 12 FFA, 4v4, and 8v8 games for matchmaking)
  • Remove Lobby Maximum in matchmaking so players with large groups can play together, but randomize lobby distribution between all teams so no one is left with an unbalanced game
  • Allow players to join games or lobbies mid-match
  • And let a player optionally change teams whenever one team is outnumbered (IE: I would change teams if I was on red with 4 players and blue had only 2).

Please also allow players to further customize the content they can install. Halo Infinite is fairly big and will only grow larger, and there’s a lot of large filesize content that MCC includes that might not be necessary for full enjoyment for players. Especially with all the video files. I would love to manually manage the following:

  • Halo: CE
  • Campaign
  • Anniversary Campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Halo: CE Anniversary Terminals
  • New MCC Cosmetics
  • Halo 2
  • Campaign
  • Anniversary Campaign
  • Anniversary Campaign Cutscenes
  • Halo 2 Anniversary Terminals
  • Multiplayer
  • Anniversary Multiplayer
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 3 Campaign
  • Halo 3 Multiplayer
  • Halo 3: ODST Campaign & Firefight
  • New MCC Cosmetics
  • Halo: Reach
  • Campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Firefight
  • New MCC Cosmetics
  • Halo 4
  • Campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Spartan Ops
  • Campaign/Spartan Ops Cutscenes
  • Halo 4 Terminals

This is the (revised) text of the letter I sent to DICE about bots in Battlefield. It’s a different company, but I’m sure the same concepts apply here:

Hello! My name is Christian Bethel. I am an -Yoink!- college student who lives in the USA who is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Application Development. I am a huge fan of your company, as you have created the seminal Battlefield series and two successful revivals of the Battlefront series. I have derived hundreds of hours of enjoyment from these games over the past nine years, from the gripping singleplayer stories to the explosive multiplayer. I am glad players can experience everything the Frostbite engine has to offer, along with true realism and authenticity in each game. Truly, Battlefield is one of the quintessential first-person shooter franchises on the market.

Unfortunately, for those playing the games on console, this gives rise to a crippling issue that has plagued the franchise for years.

I am referring to the lack of offline multiplayer support in every release since Battlefield 2142. There is neither Splitscreen nor Singleplayer Offline Bots to ensure the titles’ longevity. This is a problem for players on console, as many have voiced their displeasure at having to repeatedly pay an online subscription to play the multiplayer component of the various Battlefield titles. The issue is for me a taxing one- I come from a low income family and live off of disability checks issued by my government’s Social Security Administration. This check is used to pay for taxes and utilities, so it is often a rarity for me to afford even a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription (I play on Xbox). Ironically, I am able to enjoy matches by myself or with a friend on the two latest Battlefront games, as they support both splitscreen and singleplayer offline bots. I am writing this email to request that the teams at DICE responsible for the inclusion of splitscreen and singleplayer offline bots in Battlefront and Battlefront II, as well as the team at the Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division tasked with developing the self-learning AI for Battlefield 1 come together and collaborate on an overhaul of past and present Battlefield releases so that they support Offline Splitscreen Play, Singleplayer Offline Bots, and Offline Bots in Splitscreen. I have several reasons why I am asking this of you, and as such I will take the time to explain them in detail in this email.

Bots/Splitscreen Keep Games Alive

It is a common fact that the majority of gameplay modes that feature bots and splitscreen are often played offline. This is vital for players who grow an attachment to a game and wish to continue playing it even after its life cycle has ended. As with the Battlefield franchise, the early PC titles have multiplayer that can be played indefinitely despite the shutdown of their servers due to the inclusion of bots. Many players still have games such as Battlefield 1942 installed on their PCs due to bot support, and game franchises like Halo are highly successful due to its Splitscreen support. With full Offline Bot and Splitscreen support, the longevity and immortality of the title in question is ensured.

Bots/Splitscreen Enable Play For Those Without Internet

As mentioned before, most bot/splitscreen-friendly gameplay modes are played offline, which is a much needed boon to those who are for some reason or another unable to utilize an Internet connection, though bot support is more ideal, as only one player is required to play with bots (in most cases). These reasons can vary, but two main reasons involve the strength of the Internet signal itself and the cost set forth by the respective Internet Service Provider. The latter reason is especially problematic among players who live in rural areas of the United States of America. With Full Offline Bot/Splitscreen Support, players from around the world can play a game at anytime, with or without a connection to the Internet. Players who play offline with bots also enjoy games free of lag, cheaters/hackers, and obnoxious players who barrage other players with profanities, racial/homophobic slurs, and maternal insults.Bots

Positively Affect How A Player Learns How To Play

With the addition of bot support, players will be able to effectively learn the basic and core mechanics of the game. In many cases, bots are present in a game’s tutorial (e.g. Battlefront II) to show a player how to play a game. It should also be mentioned that many games with bot support have a ‘Training’ mode for practicing against bot opponents in preparation for online play against real people. A significant portion of players cite this feature as a positive aspect of Offline Bot Support and affirm that Training modes which feature bots allow beginners to smoothly transition into playing the online multiplayer aspect of a game.

Bots/Splitscreen Allow For Extensive Cutomization

Many multiplayer-centric games permit customization, mainly alteration of built-in game modes. ‘Custom Game’ modes in which this is performed are played both online and offline, however offline custom games are typically played among in-person friends. Bots are no exception to this customization, albeit the only options available for customization are often the amount of bots present in a match and their difficulty. Players who speak in defense of offline bot support make a point to indicate this capability and offer praise for it, as built-in game types come off as restrictive.

Bots/Splitscreen Are Fun!

This reason on my list is easily the most critical of them all: playing with offline bots is fun. It allows players to undergo a reprieve from the seemingly endless grind and fight for first place that is online multiplayer. Bots give players who struggle with the game’s mechanics to fully experience chaotic fast-paced multiplayer games in such a way that they can know what it is like to significantly contribute to a team or accumulate kills, dominate the enemy, and achieve victory. Various players report the online portion of games like Battlefield are ‘toxic’ due to the overabundance of cheaters/hackers and ‘tryhards’. With Full Offline Bot/Splitscreen support, this problem is eliminated almost immediately and more people become interested in buying the game.With these reasons listed, I hope the proper parties will at least read this email and take what I – and scores of other players- have said into consideration for future Battlefield titles. As the aforementioned Battlefront and Battlefront II have bot support and utilize the Frostbite engine, I would assume the same resources could be applied to previous and future Battlefield installments. That being said, I eagerly await the announcement of the newest Battlefield title and anticipate it will garner much success. Thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration.

343 Industries, please consider devising some method of implementing singleplayer offline bots into each of the games in the Master Chief Collection to allow for solo offline multiplayer. Thank you.


This is quite true, given recent additions, it doesn’t really need to make sense anymore. Elite with Hunter spikes maybe?

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Can we get a more smoother zoom in for sniper weapons and etc…

Selective Ranked Playlists is all that Halo Infinite Multiplayer is missing. I feel like there should be separated Ranked playlists that the gamer can choose whenever playing. For example, there should definitely be separate playlists for Ranked Slayer, Ranked Team Doubles, Ranked FFA, Ranked CTF, etc. So far the game is great and I love playing.

love the 20 year content!

don’t really have much to say, so I’ll get into the things I hope to see game by game


  • The release of the maps Skybridge and Reactor, and if time permits, Diamondback as well.
  • The release of the remaining H:O armor sets in the files from as far back as Season 5 (Blaster, Extractor, Knight, Defender, Operator, Spectrum)
  • The addition of the Halo Online DMR to Halo 3’s Forge, and a Rework to the Automag to bring it more in line with it’s ODST/Halo 2 implementation
  • The addition of the Halo Online Ammo Crates to Halo 3’s Forge
  • The addition of the ODST Stationary Gauss Turret to Halo 3’s Forge
  • The addition of more H:O Elite Armor sets
  • The H:O Elite armor sets being fixed to use the correct H:O Waist (was stored on the Cleric set which was not added)

(most of this is probably already being done, but I’ll add it again for posterity sake)

  • Restoration of Spec Ops Grunts to be used with Spec Ops Elite lead patrols
  • Restoration of Stealth Elites for their own dedicated Stealth Elite patrols
  • Restoration of Brute Trackers as a way to implement Brute Snipers with Beam Rifles as seen on Tsavo Highway in Halo 3 (could also be leading/supported by Spec Ops Grunts as a Patrol)


  • Release of the Unreleased “Preserve” Chest
  • Restoration of Player Elite NPC ODST Assassinations
  • Restoration of Drones in the wave settings
  • Removal of Restored Anniversary DLC armor from the Legacy Toggle (Condemned and Preserve were legacy DLC sets, and should be treated as “Legacy” not “New”)

Halo 2
• Custom Game Browser support
• Team Carnage playlist revival from 2006
• New cosmetics

All Games
• bots

Can we address the competitive playlist issue. When Halo Reach BTB is the premier big team play list why do you have H4 squad battle? Where is Reach BTB ranked!! Bring back the BTB All-Stars maps. :facepunch:t2:

Still no Campaign splitscreen CO-OP… Is this something that is still in the backlog or dropped altogether?

so, I love everything that has been done with the 20th anniversary celebration so far, that being said, I feel that more than enough time has passed to justify bringing the Avalanche sniper skin, the Blast Battle rifle Skin, and the Blood DMR skin. I am a fan of Ranked, I’m a 24 in H3 TS myself, that being said, we are all very eager to complete our collections. the exchange was made with the purpose to negate FOMO, and it wouldn’t be fair to not allow people to have these items, especially considering that more than a year has passed.
it is only fair seeing as the other ranked rewards like the Lucky Shot Battle Rifle have entered the exchange pool. thank you once again to the MCC team for all their hard work, and I look forward to seeing the future moving into 2022!


I agree with master_chief_7v that the previous seasonal rewards should come into the exchange at some point. I also hope the 20th anniversary rewards and rhine armour will be added into the regular rotation, too.

Having time-limited content just feels punishing if you miss out on it.

  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Game: Halo CE
  • Feedback: Please make it when playing matchmaking gametypes with the magnum, that it’s the primary starting weapon. A lot of precision slayer matches feature the magnum as a side arm, which results in having to switch weapons on spawn. In a game where spawn control is important, wasting precious time to switch to the magnum can make or break matches.