MCC 20 Year Halo Anniversary Feedback

Kinda disappointing that the content update is yet again, almost entirely for Halo 3.

Despite the update being focused around Halo CE’s 20th anniversary and the OG Xbox, CE and 2 are left untouched, while Reach may as well have been because all that was added was a goofy sippy cup.

The new armors look really cool nonetheless, although I don’t understand why both armor sets weren’t just added to both games, since the armor systems each function the same, and Halo 4 for that matter.
Also the Mirage armor set has a strangely tarnished texture unlike any other set in Halo 3 aside from the fracture ones…


The 20th Anniversary content is absolutely incredible, I’ve been enjoying it far better than what Season 8 has to offer, but I am a little disappointed that the original Orion armor set nor the GOX skins weren’t released for Halo: CE. There are far too many skins for Halo 3, especially for the Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle while other weapons and games are lacking any skins. They would have been really nice for CE to balance out the content across games for a celebration like this. Very odd that the first game that started it all didn’t get anything in the recent update.

That aside, it’s so exciting to see new content for Halo 2: Anniversary, and I really hope that this is expanded further in the future. Especially since, otherwise, the Halo 2: Anniversary population will likely only be Orion wearers. I really hope, when seasons are no longer added, that occasional Exchange drops like this are considered.

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I don’t have too much of a problem with this, all i have to say is add more customization other games alot more like you did with Halo 2 Anniversary and not focusing on mostly Halo: Reach and Halo 3. I know they are basically the most popular, but seeing new 20th anniversary armor for Halo: CE or something would be nice. I’m aware that it probably won’t happen, but I just wanted to mention it anyways.


I don’t have that much to complain or discuss about the content provided other than that it’s a bit unfortunate that some of the content is restricted to the exchange and improper planning in Season Point usage can result in the player being locked out from some of the content. This do especially apply if the player isn’t fully aware of the rotating content schedule in the exchange.

However, this won’t be an issue on my end as I have decided to primarily focus on time limited content which has meant that I have saved a total of 62 Season Points instead of investing them on seasonal content for Season 6-8. I will probably start to purchase items for Season 6 when I have managed to get a so large quantity of season points that I can finish the season in one go and still have a slight margin (at least 20-40 season points) of season points for content on the exchange.

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I really like the Armors they added!
I always wanted the armor from Halos reveal and now we have it, hoping it makes a return in Halo Infinite.

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Like others have said, overall I like it a lot, but I also have some criticism.

  1. It’s hard to enjoy the celebration if I’m forced to grind up every possible weekly season-point unless I wanna miss my one chance to get the items. I’m forced to play the game in specific ways or play specific modes that just makes me enjoy playing less. Spending hours grinding is not how I’d like to celebrate after coming home from work.
    December is also a time when people are busy with a lot of things, we may not always have time for that grind, or even be home at all.

  2. We keep getting more and more Halo 3 content but in comparison barely anything for the other games. The content is really cool, but I don’t really ever play H3’s multiplayer, not my cup of tea. Since it’s a celebration for the 20th year anniversary is would have been nice to get some CE content instead. But frankly Halo 2 could use some love. Thank you for the original armour for H2A!
    I want to say ofc that the SPI armour is absolutely gorgeous and a very positive surprise for a book-fan!

  3. Would like to see a “canonical cosmetics toggle”, for those who sometimes just want that very immersive realistic experience, this is something that would improve my experience in multiple games.
    I think Xboxes on the back of the spartans can be cool and funny, especially for occasions like this. But it’s not exactly immersive, meaning I don’t feel like I’m inside the world of Halo anymore, which in the longrun I think is a bit sad.


Hello all!

While I’m excited to see the cosmetic updates I have been unable to play on either home Xbox since the update.

My feedback is concerning both MCC and Halo 5 since this update.

I have only been getting the “Active user signed out”
Main menu loop non stop. Upon loading into any type of matchmaking I am sent back to main menu with the aforementioned error.

I have followed all steps of reinstalling and clearing cache data, as well as changing account password and ensuring only one system has this account on it.

At this point after testing various other games this only happens with Halo titles. I’ve reached out to Microsoft support to no avail and have submitted a ticket to support but am still unable to play.

As an avid Halo player this error has ruined my ability to play my favorite game series. If there is any fix for this I would be beyond appreciative.

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Will the older MCC dev blogs return or are they gone for good?


I love the idea of the 20 Year Halo Anniversary Update, its come at a bad time for me as someone with no season points and behind by a few seasons but I hope to get items soon.


I am very happy to have more content for Halo 2 Anniversary, but the amount of Halo 3 items anymore is excessive compared to other games. Please update games like Halo CE or Halo 2 in the future. Thank you.


Thanks for all the hard work put into MCC and going above and beyond expectations. I’m real happy with the game in its current state and adding back the classic HUD in Halo CE made me more excited than I’d like to admit. Here are some minor issues that persist which would be great to see resolved:

Halo Combat Evolved
The radial blur for scope zooms has broken and no longer shows. This seems to be a new issue as I remember it working properly in prior seasons. Here are screenshots that show the scope effect as it appears in the original game, followed by how it currently appears in MCC: imgur DOT com/a/i6aRIwE

The compass on the assault rifle will bug out briefly when passing north. Here’s a video showing it in the original game, followed by how it appears in MCC: streamable DOT com/mdmfs3

Halo 2 Classic Water surfaces break when viewed at higher FOVs. Here you can see the water disappearing on the edge while using 105 FOV: imgur DOT com/a/3BictqX

Halo Reach Using the visor zoom with the centered crosshair option causes the view to jump upward, this was fixed for the other games but persists in Reach: streamable DOT com/7ypagx

Misc/Other Feedback Under the controls settings, set the “Gamepad” category above “Gamepad Controls”, and likewise “Mouse” above “Mouse & Keyboard Controls” as sensitivity and deadzone settings are more likely to be repeatedly tweaked. It’ll be a huge QOL benefit for making changes mid-match.


I think it’s a real shame that the Orion armor didn’t make it into Halo 3 as well as H2A, and that the helmet (at the very least) didn’t make it into HR and/or H4. And of course, if it’s ever possible in the future, CE. While its probably not gonna happen, it would make a perfect addition, even it’s only as a full body set without per-piece customization.


As far as I’ve seen, they’re supposed to look like that.

I double checked just now in original Halo CE and you’re absolutely right. Guess I never noticed due to the resolution but it’s interesting that those are the only two crosshairs like that! I’ll edit out that portion.

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Oh, and hopefully they’ll get to fixing the geometry changes made to Beaver Creek and Hang 'Em High from Halo PC.

We know what classic rules do, the option is just broken. If you play Gearbox’s port, that option was also there. It primarily just changes weapon starts and some weapon spawns to not be PC.


SUGGESTION: This isn’t necessarily related to 20th-anniversary stuff specifically, but seeing all the lowered weapon (alert carry) screenshots of the Orion armour people have been taking lately has got me thinking: why are lower weapon button combos still a thing?

It’d be nice if the MCC team could update each game to follow in Halo 2 Classic’s footsteps by making the lower weapon/raise weapon function tied to a single button (press down on the D-pad) as opposed to the finger twister button combos we’ve had since Halo 3. It’d help with screenshots and with machinima productions Immensely.

Also, I’m pretty sure Halo 4’s lower weapon button combo still only works on the default control scheme but I’d have to double-check.


@Spartinel Yeah, and if you use Halo 4’s control scheme the combos for the other games don’t work.

I wasn’t aware of that issue. Hope that gets fixed too

Honestly, I wish there were other options to obtaining the 20th anniversary stuff along side the exchange. I think they should have had challenges which allowed you to obtain said 20th anniversary items and what not so there is something players could work for, but also have them in the store for those who may not have time to complete challenges but may have enough points to spend.

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