MCC 1 Month Code Problem

Hey Team Halo,

I did not receive my 1 Month Xbox Live code which where Promised to these who bought Halo MCC before the Update, i got my Campaign Code for odst.
My gold is running out and i would like get that code so i can play with my friends online.

Im From Germany

TR Delight

Hi there :slight_smile:

If you have a read over the MCC FAQ link in my signature, it will tell you how to check if you have recieved the free month of Xbox Live. If you have not recieved it after checking, I have also provided details on where to contact to resolve this issue.

I looked at the MCC FAQ and i also checked my Gold subscription in Link from the FAQ, i also did that on my Xbox before i oppened this Thread i also wrote an message to bravo a day ago, my gold runs out 25.6.
Is it possible that u can maybe help me out?

TR Delight

The only other help I could offer is advising to post over on the xbox support forums, there should be a link the FAQ topic to the forum you can post in. Sorry I can be of further help to you :frowning: