MC face reveal

Who thinks Master Chief should do a full face reveal plus some diolouge without his helmet, unlike halo 4 where you have to complete the campaign on legendary, it’s in the campaign without playing it on legendary.

! personally have conflicting thoughts on revealing the face of the master chief to the world in halo 6, I feel that it would be cool, but that it would also undo 16 years of intrigue
and mystery, I don’t know though.

I’d love it. Over 16 years later and we would finally see the man under the helmet that’s saved humanity. He wouldn’t just be a piece of military hardware, and he still isn’t.

No and never. John has a different face from what I think to what you think.

i don’t think i’d like it, since it probably wouldn’t be with a real purpose.
doing things just for the sake of doing it has never been good.

Please never do that. It’s one of Halos jokes to hint his face, but never actually show it. At the end of CE, he put off his helmet, at the beginning of Halo 2 he put on his hemlet. In one of Halo 3’s trailers, His helmet was laying in the sand. In the history of Halo, his face was almsot shown multiple times. If 343i shows his face, the biggest mystery in gaming would be solved, but so many dreams would be crushed.

What purpose would this serve though? What reason is there to show his face other than the fact that it hasn’t yet been shown?

Probably in h6

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> Probably in h6


It’s going to happen at some point, it’s inevitable. The moment it’s done has to be perfect. I would have him look like a mixture of Steve Downes and Bruce Thomas.

Eh, I’m not sure. Maybe if it was the final cutscene in all of Halo. As hard as it is, Halo won’t last forever.

I don’t know what you guys are talking about, Master Chief had a face reveal a long long time ago.

All jokes aside I’d really rather not see his face revealed. I think Bungie intentionally never showed or described him so that the player could sort of form his own idea of who the Master Chief is. Ironic really that the most lazy possible choice is the most effective. If you show his face it’s likely not going to be what players expected because we all have our own ideas of who he is, leaving a large majority of the community disappointed.

Yes I think it’s about time, we already know how he looked like as a kid and we have already seen a close up on his eyes. I have lost interest in his appearance a long time ago, especially now since we all have a rough estimate on how he looks.

If they had kept his looks a complete secret (not telling us if he is black or white or asian etc.) I would have agreed that they should continue keeping it a secret. Because a lot of people really got into the first halo games because chief was so easy to connect with, because your mind dictated his appearance.