Maybe we should update the Universe section?!

You would think that this being Halo, the Universe section would be filled with tuns of the latest information of the Halo universe for all the new Spartans visiting the site. But it just looks like 343 half–Yoinked!- it and just left it sitting there. I mean just imagine how better this web site would be if it did have all of the information, i mean the weapons section only has like 13 guns and the ships section only has three. I mean the Infinity isn’t even in there for crying out loud! I would even do it if you would let me, even other fan bases like halo-nation have more information the the official Halo site. So come on guy’s please update that thing, it’s almost embarrassing. I know your busy with Halo 5 but just assign a small team and get it over with. It could even take only a week or two.

Yes 100% agree mate!! I only see the old designs of the species and the Reach design weapons in the sections. it annoyes me to ;Pp its like they let Waypoint to much alone… like the Game section… they put Halo Spartan Assault before the Halo CE game lowl… its like if they were in a hurry… but i must nog complain