Maybe this is why halo4 has been a failure

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Quit typing so lame excuse for why halo 4 is better than halo 3 and watch this.

Did that sentence make English to you?

I speak American sun.

> I speak American sun.


Still a very good video in the OP.

I understand that the waypoint forums are upset about Halo 4 and want some things changed, but that video basically just regurgitated everything Waypoint has already said months ago. It even brought up the ranking system and Halo Population Charts.

It’s starting to beat a dead horse so much so that it is tiring. I get it, 343i (I think) gets it, and until Halo 5’s multiplayer details get announced, I don’t think I need to be reminded about the downfall, death, failure, doom, end of Halo yet again.

If Halo 5 is just as bad at Halo 4, by all means drum up th same arguments, essays and YouTube videos. But until then, can we limit it to the already established threads?