Maybe Next Time?

Well… I was slightly disappointed by there being so few Promethean and Covenenant weapons. Perhaps in Halo 5, we’ll get some cool, different weapons. I thought up a list of stuff, and I’d love to get a little feedback.

•Shield gun: a weapon that fires two ‘generators’ that make a shield. Anything that goes through the shield is disintegrated. Shields can only be up to a certain maximum width. They will only last for fifteen seconds or so.

•The return of the Plasma Rifle and Repeater.

•Promethean vehicles? Anyone?

•The return of the Spike Grenade, and my favourite grenade ever, the Firebomb Grenade.

Just a couple of thoughts for you all. Feedback would be great, and if you have any cool ideas, please post them!

I always asked where are the promethean vehicles. I know they can “teleport”, but how to make long travels? They can’t use only “huge mastodontic ships”

Anyway about the weapons I’m okay, they added few new interesting toys, but what else could you expect? those are the weapons, they can’t add anyway different without changing whole Halo.

What I wished is that they could make some kind of “console” for controlling the human turrets or the plasma beam turrets from prometheans… It would be cool to use those cool systems :smiley: