Maybe it's lag. Maybe it's desync but these are the issues I've been having since day 1

Sometimes I’ll be running around the corner and I know for.sure than I’m in cover but the guy got the shot on me anyways. It’s a weird feeling because I know how to tell if someone has the proper angle on me or not and in this game it seems like I’m dying around the corner more so then I’m dying AT the corner if you get what I mean.

Everyone knows that players phase thru eachother. Even enemies. Sometimes when I have a melee battle around a pillar my melee will lunge TRHOUGH the pillar. And I get the melee kill. I also melee people INSIDE their body. Never have a seen something like that before where my.hand is literally placed inside his back.

Certain times equipment phases through the wall. I’ve seen grapples phase through the wall. I’ve also seen bullets clip through walls. Pretty much everything in the game I had at least one moment where something clipped through the wall.

Also very recently I’ve been having stutters. My sparatn would teleport up and down very aggressively. Other games play fine and I don’t experience this. Only with Halo infinite

I play on PC and it’s widely known that they did a crappy job of optimizing it. I can get a lobby ping in the teens, no drops on frames, yet I can still start teleporting randomly like I encountered a lag spike. Like you, only Halo Infinite is like this. Plus, it’s the only game I have to set everything to low because it plays like crap while I have NO issues with any of my other PC games on max settings with both 1080p and 1440p.

The performance of this game is a complete joke. I literally uninstalled it and won’t come back for probably another year. This game should’ve never been released in such a poor state. It’s ridiculous and embarrassing.


Mmmmm. I have that problem too. I can’t run high settings even tho my computer can MORE than handle it. I run ultra everything on call of duty warzone for example and it runs just fine. I have to put Halo infinite on low to make it play. The frames aren’t consistent either. Even if you lock them it still stutters.

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Same here. The game is fun for sure but not when it plays like an alpha build. It’s too frustrating to even enjoy anymore. Guess I’ll be going back to Bungie’s Halo. Ever since Halo 4 I had a feeling Halo just won’t be like it was after 343i was erected to work on the franchise, and so far, it looks like I’m right.

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It’s because they are trying to please to many people at once. If 343 just kept their mouth shut and released a passion project that had no outside input I think 343 would thrive. Halo 5 was almost that. People may have not liked the abilites but it was an original idea.

The old halos had no fourms whining about what Halo is or isn’t. The game just released and we played it. I really think a lot of this boils down to “to many cooks in the kitchen”.

You see it with the reclaimer saga. In the launch of Halo 5 they were working on it but it got scraped later on down the line because it “wasn’t Halo enough”. That’s proof right there that there is a spilt in how people veiw this game within 343 and out.

This is what we are facing nearly every game -
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I feel you.
I know both sides, getting killed deep in cover, and also killing people after they have entered cover, just going “might as well try shootin’”, when they actually drop behind a wall, I actually feel bad.
Is it the good™ Azure servers or what?

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I know that feel. This is all from just one night of playing ranked:

(https://youtu. be/5SY6-DoAPM8)

This is something that really hinders the game being fun or competitive either

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