May we please work on the ban system?

Dear 343,
While I was playing a game of Breakout, I had a teammate charge into a grenade I threw and then I also accidentally beat down a teammate later in the game. I got booted from the game and I felt bad about it even though neither was particularly anyone’s fault. After that, I played another game and felt a bit better about it. When I got to the endgame lobby, I received a 5 minute ban.
I was already booted from my game and I’ve never had a history of team killing or “griefing.”
As a loyal fan of the Halo series, I’m very upset by this because I’ve never received a ban in ANY Halo game for ANYTHING.
PLEASE work on a better system as to not discourage players, old and new, because I can promise you right now that I am a very angry and discouraged player.

That does suck but it’s only 5 minutes.