May warzone prosper

I’m so happy for this update. Why should a solo player like me play so hard and sweaty in a social playlist against a 12 man fireteam, its just not fair and I never win against 12 man teams.
Now its more balanced as there’s a good chance that if one team has a fireteam of 6 the other will and matches would be more fairer.
Warzone was not designed to be ended in less than 5 minutes (quick coring) or last more than 30 minutes due to farming, its suppose to last around 23 minutes with both sides evenly battling out.
Warzone was designed with players win rates to be around 50%, but with 12 man teams you have people with 98.6% win rate across 3000 games. Such imbalance puts people off from playing Halo and shouldn’t be allowed.

Regarding warzone nights I don’t see how it hurts the gaming experience of a company with 24 online if they go from 2 fireteams of 12 to 4 fireteams of 6, you still get to play with your buddies and have more opportunities to make more friendships.

If we have to sacrifice the few warzone tryhards who need their boyfriends to win in 12 man teams so that the 97.5% of us can have fair games, so be it. I would have done what 343 did albeit sooner if I was in their place, but I accept this as a great Christmas present from 343 and will definitely purchase the Voice pack and do what I can to support this franchise.
See you in warzone.w

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What a halo team should look like.
1-5 better players 1-5 average and a few that suck.
^Both teams^
What a halo 5 lobby looks like
Team 1: Same as above.
Team 2: full fire team of better players.

Small groups recruit a better player they find, than annother better till they have a full team of the more skilled players.

Than the precede to win 4/5 of their games.
Vs 2.5/5 games like it should be.